Rest & Renovations

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, we knew it was imperative for us to pospone (indefinitely) all that we’ve had planned for 2020 – 2021. Some things needed to be postponed, others tweaked, and others totally and completely cancelled. It’s a very tough situation for all of us and within the band, we all have very different roles that need to be re-assessed.

Meanwhile, Nathalie has took upon herself the task of updating this website. She’ll be updating the NEWS section so that all we´ve been sharing on social media is also registered here, as well as other things that we haven’t been able to share until now.

There are tons of backstage material, live photos, videos, etc. that Nathalie has recovered in her archives and from other sources and once things settle for a bit, she’ll start the process of slowly putting everything in order to be able to renovate this site.

If you don’t hear much about us, this is the reason. We think this is the time to bring order to other areas of our lives that need to be taken care of. In a time where societal structures are rapidly destructuring, it’s very important to create order within our bodies, minds, emotions and to extend that to our direct environment.

Thank you all for your continued support since the very beginning. We will continue making music, that’s for sure. How and when, well… those details are going to be revealed once clarity comes into the picture. We will still be selling our albums and merch, details will follow soon through our blog and social media, where we’ll occasionally post if there’s news regarding all of this!

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