NMK is a Melodic Death Metal | Prog Metal band from Lima (Peru) influenced by bands like Carcass, At The Gates, Dark Tranquility and Symphony X, creating their own sound based on the mix of clean vocals with guttural, melodic and technical metal. The concept behind the band includes metaphysics, high alchemy and a change in perception leading to the evolution of human consciousness.

The band was formed by Nathalie Markoch alongside Elias Checco in 2015, during the composition sessions of what would originally be Nathalie’s 2nd album as a solo artist. After composing a couple of songs, both Nathalie and Elias agreed that the material was much heavier and darker than they had originally thought.

Therefore, they decided to continue with that creative unfoldment under the name of NMK (Now Mankind Knows). The duo finished composing what would be NMK´s debut album entitled “Ravenous Spectre” during that year. The album was recorded and mixed by Adolfo Gazzo at “Shredded Sound” in Lima – Peru and then mastered by Tony Lindgren at the famous “Fascination Street Studios” in Sweden.

The first line-up was comprised of Nathalie Markoch on vocals, Elias Checco & Carlos Roca on guitars, Luis Medina on bass and Fabian Pinto on drums. It’s under this formation that NMK´s path begun, endorsed by AMT Electronics from Russia.

The band recorded their 1st video-clip for the single “Lack of Judgment” which was released on Nov. 2017. The 2nd video-clip was for the song “Blinded by Fear”, released on Dec. 2017, a cover song they did to pay tribute to melodeath legends “At The Gates”. Both songs were published as a single for digital platforms only on February 2018.

The full-length album “Ravenous Spectre” was released independently in digital format on January 27th 2018 and in physical format (digipack) on March 11th 2018, limited to the Peruvian market.

NMK´s first live gig was on March 2018, as the only opening act for Mexican solo artist Anna Fiori at the “Hard Rock Cafe” in Lima – Peru. The band has been playing live in several local metal festivals since then. In May 2018 the band was part of “Metal United World Wide” (a worldwide festival that was streamed online from more than 30 countries simultaneously).

In October 2018 NMK played at “Lima Metal Fest 3” sharing the stage with big names in the metal world such as Fates Warning, Dark Funeral, The Agonist & Enthroned to name a few. Katon W. de Pena, of HIRAX fame, joined NMK on stage to perform some of Hirax´s songs and a couple of covers.

After a few line-up changes, Diego Porturas took the drum duties in 2019. Since then, NMK is finally able to move forward with a more stable formation, mainly promoting “Ravenous Spectre” live in various shows along with local metal bands. They were opening acts for bands like Opera Magna (SPA), Tren Loco (ARG) , Cellar Darling (SWI) and Anabanta (MEX).

Due to the global pandemic starting March 2020, NMK stopped activities, only re-emerging playing “live” at the Heresy Online Fest II (ARG) in August 2020. Since then, they have entered a temporal hiatus. It’s time for rest and also to look back and transform all that no longer serves, all the obsolete is meant to be dissolved. It’s a time for deep self-examination, to truly go inward and look at what needs to be changed in order to express at a higher order, a refined level of authentic expression. Starting Nov/Dec 2020, they’ll begin planning their inevitable comeback for 2021.



Nathalie Markoch – Vocals & Growls
Elias Checco – Guitar
Carlos Roca – Guitar
Luis Medina – Bass
Diego Porturas – Drums

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