Rest & Renovations

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, we knew that it was needed to pospone indefinitely all that we've had planned for 2020 - 2021. Some plans we decided to dissolve, some to be postponed and some to be tweaked for us to be able to achieve them.

[Live Pics] NMK Live @ Legion Metal Fest– by Karlos Ramone

🔥 ¡GRACIAS a todos los que nos acompañaron ayer a brutalizar el Legión Metal Fest! 🔥

[Live Pics] NMK Live @ Lima Metal Fest 3 – by Karlos Ramone

Fotos de NMK en vivo por Karlos Ramone de lo que fue nuestro show en el Lima Metal Fest III el pasado 13 de Octubre del 2018. Adicionalmente, en el clímax del set, tuvimos el honor de tener como invitado especial al emblemático frontman de la clásica banda de thrash metal americano HIRAX. 

NMK Line-UP 2018 – Promo Shoot by Rainer Fahrion

NMK Lineup 2018
Official Photoshoot by Rainer Fahrion

[Live Pics] NMK Live @ “The Blood” #Armagedon30Años – by Karlos Ramone

Fotos de NMK en vivo por Karlos Ramone de lo que fue el concierto de aniversario por los 30 años de la banda de heavy metal peruana Armagedon.

NMK – Condemned to Existence (Drum Playthrough by Franco Almeida)

Some of you guys noticed that since the band started playing live we have a new (and amazing) drummer, due to Fabian Pinto leaving the band for personal reasons (we wish you the best Fabian!). That´s the reason we want to you to formally meet Franco Almeida, who since January 2018 is our new drummer (and best friend). In this video he shows us how to play a track from "Ravenous Spectre" (his favorite so far): CONDEMNED TO EXISTENCE.

[Pics] NMK Live @ Metal United Worldwide Lima – Peru [05.05.18]

All pics by Karlos Ramone Photography

NMK “Storytellers” EP 01 : Origins

First chapter of our "Storytellers" Video Series, where we share special details about our art/music. In this episode entitled "Origins", we explain how the band came to be and the concept behind "Now Mankind Knows". 

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