NMK – Condemned to Existence (Drum Playthrough by Franco Almeida)

Some of you guys noticed that since the band started playing live we have a new (and amazing) drummer, due to Fabian Pinto leaving the band for personal reasons (we wish you the best Fabian!). That´s the reason we want to you to formally meet Franco Almeida, who since January 2018 is our new drummer (and best friend). In this video he shows us how to play a track from "Ravenous Spectre" (his favorite so far): CONDEMNED TO EXISTENCE.


[Pics] NMK Live @ Blizzard Hunter Show 04.05.18

All Pics by Karlos Ramone Photography  

Youtuber Claudio Oyarzo Reacts to Blinded by Fear by NMK (At The Gates Cover)

Claudio Oyarzo is a metal musican and youtuber based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He did a REACTION VIDEO of our BLINDED BY FEAR cover, originally by the legendary Swedish melodic death metal band AT THE GATES. 

Cantos Córvidos – Video Reacción a Blinded by Fear

El Youtuber español Corvus Bruxo Luggenikos publicó en su Canal un video reacción a nuestro videoclip de "Blinded by Fear", un cover que hicimos de la legendaria banda de death metal melódico At The Gates. Por cierto, Nathalie sí tenía un polo de la banda Melechesh (del álbum Sphynx) en la sección de las grabaciones en el... Continue Reading →

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