[Interview] Dead Rhetoric: NMK – Nothing Less Than Ravenous

"In today’s global metal marketplace, there’s always a level of intrigue to see where the next big band could come from. On the melodic death metal front, we have a promising new act from Peru with NMK. The band has recently released their debut album, Ravenous Spectre, and it is a visceral slab of material that understands how to bring in melodies without sacrificing a certain level of heaviness." (...) - Dead Rhetoric



A partir de hoy 11 de marzo 2018, NMK inicia la VENTA de las copias físicas en formato DIGIPACK del álbum titulado "RAVENOUS SPECTRE". Starting today, March 11th 2018, NMK releases the DIGIPACK physical copies of the album entitled "RAVENOUS SPECTRE".

Interview with Vokills: Nathalie Markoch on NMK’s album, Iceland and maintaining health

Clean and extreme, Nathalie Markoch from Melodic Death Metal band NMK, can do both. As the vocalist and founder of NMK she’s delivering some sick guttural sounds blended with a powerful clean voice. Hailing from Peru she started singing in a high school choir and developed her own sound through the years.

Dead Rhetoric reviews Ravenous Spectre

Check out the review DeadRetoric.com published about our album Ravenous Spectre. Written by Kyle McGinn: 

Vokills Reviews NMK´s Ravenous Spectre

Read an excerpt of the review the guys from Vokills did about our album Ravenous Spectre, written by Stefan:


Después de 3 años de trabajo constante, el día 27 de Enero del 2018, se lanzó el disco debut de la banda titulado RAVENOUS SPECTRE en todas las plataformas digitales (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, GooglePlay, etc.). After 3 years of hard work, on January 27th, 2018, the debut album from the band entitled RAVENOUS SPECTRE was released on all digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, GooglePlay, etc.).

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