[Entrevista EN VIVO] Bunka Magazine (COLOMBIA) – 12 AGO 2018 – 5:30PM

HOY Domingo 12 de Agosto a las 5:30 PM, nuestra vocalista Nathalie Markoch estará en una ENTREVISTA EN VIVO en el programa Bunka Magazine por Bunka Radio de Colombia hablando de la banda y de las novedades que se vienen para lo que resta del 2018.


[Interview for AFTERLIFE Zine (AUS)] -“According to my applied research, one of the ways to repair DNA is through food”

Some time ago we did an exclusive interview with AFTERLIFE ZINE regarding our music, the concept behind it, the artwork that is depicted "Ravenous Spectre", comments on the local metal scene and some other very interesting topics regarding Metaphysics, The Evolution of Human Consciousness as well as some facts about the Deep State or Shadow Government, the Mind Control Programs we as a species are subjected to and much more. 

[Interview for Toilet Ov Hell] Take down “The Elites”

"NMK revealed the alchemic secrets inside Ravenous Spectre in a one-of-a-kind exclusive interview with the Toilet ov Hell. What mysteries we discover with vocalist Nathalie Markoch and bassist Luis Medina? (...) - Toilet Ov Hell

[Interview for Rattle Inc – Hungary] “We won´t change our musical direction”

Female fronted Peruvian band NMK (Now Mankind Knows) plays death metal with some thrash and heavy metal elements. Nathalie Markoch sings mainly melodically but also growls in some parts. Their debut album Ravenous Spectre came out this year so I asked the singer to introduce herself and to tell me about their past experiences, present activities and future plans. - Rattle Inc.


SOURCE – What do you feel separates NMK from other metal bands from Peru? Nathalie Markoch (Vocals) – Well, the concept and the songs are the main differences between NMK and other metal bands. You know, no 2 bands are the same, just like no 2 people are the same, despite being twins for example. Our concept is pretty clear... (...)

NMK “Storytellers” EP 01 : Origins

First chapter of our "Storytellers" Video Series, where we share special details about our art/music. In this episode entitled "Origins", we explain how the band came to be and the concept behind "Now Mankind Knows". 

[Interview] Dead Rhetoric: NMK – Nothing Less Than Ravenous

"In today’s global metal marketplace, there’s always a level of intrigue to see where the next big band could come from. On the melodic death metal front, we have a promising new act from Peru with NMK. The band has recently released their debut album, Ravenous Spectre, and it is a visceral slab of material that understands how to bring in melodies without sacrificing a certain level of heaviness." (...) - Dead Rhetoric

Interview with Vokills: Nathalie Markoch on NMK’s album, Iceland and maintaining health

Clean and extreme, Nathalie Markoch from Melodic Death Metal band NMK, can do both. As the vocalist and founder of NMK she’s delivering some sick guttural sounds blended with a powerful clean voice. Hailing from Peru she started singing in a high school choir and developed her own sound through the years.

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