[Interview for Rattle Inc – Hungary] “We won´t change our musical direction”

Female fronted Peruvian band NMK (Now Mankind Knows) plays death metal with some thrash and heavy metal elements. Nathalie Markoch sings mainly melodically but also growls in some parts. Their debut album Ravenous Spectre came out this year so I asked the singer to introduce herself and to tell me about their past experiences, present activities and future plans. - Rattle Inc.


“Let’s start with my conclusion: NMK‘s debut, Ravenous Spectre, is a melodeath gem!” – Toilet Ov Hell

"After a couple of weeks around Lima I realized my knowledge about metal over here is ZERO. Shame on me, I know. However, it seems the magical flows on these wild lands runs in mysterious ways and brought to my attention just three capital letters: NMK. (...)


A partir de hoy 11 de marzo 2018, NMK inicia la VENTA de las copias físicas en formato DIGIPACK del álbum titulado "RAVENOUS SPECTRE". Starting today, March 11th 2018, NMK releases the DIGIPACK physical copies of the album entitled "RAVENOUS SPECTRE".

Ravenous Spectre | Cover Artwork + Tracklist

NMK officially presented the cover artwork for their 10-track debut album entitled RAVENOUS SPECTRE, which will be released this January 27th, 2018. This detailed art was hand drawn by the Colombian artist Juan Camilo Mazutier from Mazutier Art & Graphics. (...)

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