NMK presente en el Lima Metal Fest 3 (13-10-18)

¡NMK presente en el Lima Metal Fest III este 13 de Octubre 2018 con un cartel de lujo! Es el festival peruano más representativo del metal nacional e internacional y este año está en su 3era edición. ¡IMPERDIBLE! 


[Interview for Toilet Ov Hell] Take down “The Elites”

"NMK revealed the alchemic secrets inside Ravenous Spectre in a one-of-a-kind exclusive interview with the Toilet ov Hell. What mysteries we discover with vocalist Nathalie Markoch and bassist Luis Medina? (...) - Toilet Ov Hell

[Interview for Rattle Inc – Hungary] “We won´t change our musical direction”

Female fronted Peruvian band NMK (Now Mankind Knows) plays death metal with some thrash and heavy metal elements. Nathalie Markoch sings mainly melodically but also growls in some parts. Their debut album Ravenous Spectre came out this year so I asked the singer to introduce herself and to tell me about their past experiences, present activities and future plans. - Rattle Inc.

[Review – 4.5/5 by Rattle Inc] NMK: Ravenous Spectre (2018)

Rattle Inc - Heavy Metal Magazine from Hungary - Reviews "Ravenous Spectre". 4.5 out of 5, not bad at all!

[Photos] NMK Live @ Hard Rock Cafe Lima

Pics from the live show at Hard Rock Cafe Lima on 03.22.18.

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