[Entrevista EN VIVO] Bunka Magazine (COLOMBIA) – 12 AGO 2018 – 5:30PM

HOY Domingo 12 de Agosto a las 5:30 PM, nuestra vocalista Nathalie Markoch estará en una ENTREVISTA EN VIVO en el programa Bunka Magazine por Bunka Radio de Colombia hablando de la banda y de las novedades que se vienen para lo que resta del 2018.


NMK – Condemned to Existence (Drum Playthrough by Franco Almeida)

Some of you guys noticed that since the band started playing live we have a new (and amazing) drummer, due to Fabian Pinto leaving the band for personal reasons (we wish you the best Fabian!). That´s the reason we want to you to formally meet Franco Almeida, who since January 2018 is our new drummer (and best friend). In this video he shows us how to play a track from "Ravenous Spectre" (his favorite so far): CONDEMNED TO EXISTENCE.

[Interview for AFTERLIFE Zine (AUS)] -“According to my applied research, one of the ways to repair DNA is through food”

Some time ago we did an exclusive interview with AFTERLIFE ZINE regarding our music, the concept behind it, the artwork that is depicted "Ravenous Spectre", comments on the local metal scene and some other very interesting topics regarding Metaphysics, The Evolution of Human Consciousness as well as some facts about the Deep State or Shadow Government, the Mind Control Programs we as a species are subjected to and much more. 

NMK en VIVO | ARMAGEDON 30 AÑOS @ Discoteca “The Blood”| 18 AGO 2018

El próximo show de la banda será este Sábado 18 de Agosto del 2018 en el concierto por la celebración de los 30 años de los legendarios ARMAGEDON. La cita es en la Discoteca "The Blood" a partir de las 7PM.

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