[Interview for Toilet Ov Hell] Take down “The Elites”

NMK revealed the alchemic secrets inside Ravenous Spectre in a one-of-a-kind exclusive interview with the Toilet ov Hell. What mysteries we discover with vocalist Nathalie Markoch and bassist Luis Medina?

Strange things may happen in the intense Peruvian summer. In the busy capital city of Lima, people can be seen rushing across the boardwalks, hurrying to avoid burning their feet. Citizens here are accustomed to Mother Nature’s fierce embrace and that fierce attitude is completely visible in their rich culture.

It was a surprise and a pleasure to talk with vocalist Nathalie Markoch and bassist Luis Medina, two members of NMK, one of the most promising bands in the Peruvian metal scene. Their chill and fun speech are sometimes intersected by a notable passion of what they do and what they plan to do to conquer the minds of the extreme music fans, a notoriously difficult crowd to please.

At first glance, and compared with the rushed nature of their fellow countrymen, Markoch and Medina seem to be very focused at their own rhythm into their craft and their music, all of this with a commendable professionalism, which is a very rare trait giving they are part of a young project.

Through a pair of messages and a couple of listening to their single, “Lack of Judgment”, I knew NMK had that special shine, carried by legendary acts in the melodic death metal subgenre like Dark Tranquillity or At the Gates. While their core is built upon that exquisite European tradition of dualistic melodies, their sound is carefully composed and let it breathes their passionate point of views.

To them, melodeath is just a vehicle to transport the songs through progressive territories in order to advance to a new enlightenment path.

Furthermore, my encounter with them in a huge ass mall in the wild center of Lima gave me the chance to understand the humane touch of their music. They opened their hearts and let me discover a lot of secrets behind the curtains of their debut, Ravenous Spectre, which we covered in our Toilet ov Hell with some nice responses from our Disqus users all over the globe.

In all this chat, NMK revealed to me the topics inside the lyrical concept, their inception and more importantly, who they are in this vast multiverse. (…)” – Toilet ov Hell | Link Lionhart.

Read the full interview HERE.

NMK Interview for Toilet ov Hell

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