SOURCE – What do you feel separates NMK from other metal bands from Peru?

Nathalie Markoch (Vocals) – Well, the concept and the songs are the main differences between NMK and other metal bands. You know, no 2 bands are the same, just like no 2 people are the same, despite being twins for example. Our concept is pretty clear. We want to expose the Shadow Government, make clear that the DNA of the Homo Sapiens has been altered and also that we’ve been played, manipulated and condemned to live a life of enslavement if we do not wake up to the basic facts about our true power and nature. We are labeled as a “melodic death metal” band, but if you carefully listen to our songs, you´ll find out it’s not quite what you would typically expect when talking about a “Melodeath” sound. I’m yet to find a band that sounds like us. I’ve researched, believe me, hahaha. Nevertheless, I think that Peruvian bands have improved tremendously and actually, there are a few bands that I’m a fan of!

SOURCE – Do you feel that you were able to use Ravenous Spectre as a learning process for the band?

Nathalie Markoch (Vocals) – Of course! It was a major learning process for us. For Elias, it´s the first time he had the opportunity to record a full-length album as the lead guitar player. Also, for me, it was especially hard, due to the fact that I didn’t know how to growl properly before the recordings started. I had to push myself really hard on the side to be able to record my growls on the album and I managed to do it at the very end, just when Rafael finished recording his deep death metal growls. So what I did was record some mid-high pitched ones on top of his. Then, on rehearsals, I managed to be able to sing with my melodic voice and then switch to do growls. We also found out that we matched each other pretty nicely. Not only as musicians but as friends. We have a very tight and deep bond that I´m very proud of.  Although we have different levels of perception, we are really thankful to each other for the music and the friendship we are currently living.



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