“Let’s start with my conclusion: NMK‘s debut, Ravenous Spectre, is a melodeath gem!” – Toilet Ov Hell

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“After a couple of weeks around Lima I realized my knowledge about metal over here is ZERO. Shame on me, I know. However, it seems the magical flows on these wild lands runs in mysterious ways and brought to my attention just three capital letters: NMK.

A couple of listens later this unexpected discovery, let me introduce to you what Ravenous Spectre exudes in every corner of its concave body filled with empathetic sound. In the surface, NMK debut is a cocoon of pure and great melodic death metal, but once you peel out the veil, there are a couple of touches here and there that incentivizes further meditations.

Led by the charismatic vocalist Nathalie Markoch, the band is completed by a healthy coven of musical acolytes that imprint their own steps into an interesting musical tapestry. Sure, bountiful melodeath riffing is aptly disposed on their cryptic canvas, but their style is also permeated by traces of thrash and even progressive metal, enough to convince the most exclusivist melodic seeker.

Thus entering further into the track listing, the spiritual carnage initiates. “Outrage” is the song that introduces Nathalie’s furious expressionism. The singer howls, growls and Expands in grandiose vocalization the spaces between the riffing. Her range is open wide enough to handle the personality of her voice, marked by a heavy vibrato which situates her in the very border of the classic heavy metal reign and the symphonic metal stylings.

Guitar work manages to support the rock bottom groove provided by the tight rhythmic section, powered by an all-audible bass which pops out wonderfully behind the percussive riffs. The vocal hooks and the tight instrumentation is crossed by a caustic soloing battle that will give enough reason to love the piece to all those guitar maniacs.

First impression matters and NMK understand it. After this heavy metal assault the clouds get harsher during “Lack of Judgment”, the first Ravenous Spectre single, elevates every aspect that made “Outrage” a great opening. Catchiness, virtuosity and the rich expressive voice collides within a higher speed framework and a in-your-face At the Gates like punctuated explosive riffs. Besides the playful and highly energetic nature of the tune, Nathalie introduces dual vocalization in a great way, trading her operatic clean voice with a surprising and perfectly articulated deep growl.

nmk - toilet ov hell reviews ravenous spectre


Read the full REVIEW:

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