[Interview] Dead Rhetoric: NMK – Nothing Less Than Ravenous

Some days ago, the webzine Dead Rhetoric did an interview with Nathalie. To read the complete interview, click on this LINK! Here´s an excerpt of the full article:

“In today’s global metal marketplace, there’s always a level of intrigue to see where the next big band could come from. On the melodic death metal front, we have a promising new act from Peru with NMK. The band has recently released their debut album, Ravenous Spectre, and it is a visceral slab of material that understands how to bring in melodies without sacrificing a certain level of heaviness. Citing bands like At the Gates and Carcass, it’s an attack that’s bound to draw excitement from genre fans. Centered in all of the chaos is vocalist Nathalie Markoch’s versatile vocals, ranging from bellowing growls to powerful clean vocals.

With a strong release under their belts, we reached out from DR to see what information we could gather about the fresh act. Markoch herself gave us the briefing on everything from what NMK stands for and the band’s history to her vocal technique and the Peruvian scene. Get up to speed on what is bound to be a bigger player in the genre as time unfolds.
by Dead Rhetoric.com


Dead Rhetoric: Ravenous Spectre was three years in the making. What sort of groundwork did you need to accomplish in that time?

Markoch: In 2015 we started composing the songs and within 9 months (2 months actual work, 7 months goofing around haha) we had the complete tracks of the whole album. Elias and I used only his guitar, my phone as a recording aid, Guitar Pro and that’s it. After the instrumentation was almost finished, I worked on the lyrics and vocal melodies. Between 2015 – 2016, we recorded the album at Shredded Sound with Adolfo Gazzo, who mixed it as well and then we managed to hire Tony Lindgren from the famous Fascination Street Studios (Sweden) to do the mastering.

But just after finishing recording the album, I suffered some very serious health issues that continued until 2017 (I’m still in recovery, but so much better). So we had to stop everything for almost 2 years. Kind of frustrating, you know, but the guys were beyond supportive and we always had a great time either at home or at rehearsals. As soon as I started regaining my strength, we immersed ourselves in creating the 1st video clip of the single entitled “Lack of Judgment” and begun preparing ourselves for what was to come with the release of Ravenous Spectre.

Dead Rhetoric: What are you most proud of in regards to Ravenous Spectre itself?

Markoch: Well, aside from the fact that I absolutely love the music we’ve created, I’m really proud of the message we share in the lyrics, the music and the art of the album. It’s about the realization by humans that, as a species, we’s been mind-controlled our entire life (and past lives as well). The fact that our DNA has been manipulated, that we’ve been socially conditioned to believe in a specific reality. That we’ve been programmed to behave in certain ways and that everything outside the norm is simply disregarded as crazy conspiracies.

For a human to realize this is very shocking to say the least, be it done cold turkey or gradually. We have tools like alquimia, metaphysics, natural self-healing and other various methods to help de-program our subconscious mind and evolve our awareness to achieve a broader and more inclusive perspective of our own self and our environment seen as part of the self. We want to expose the “Shadow Government,” be them Draconians, Reptilians, Greys, The Illuminati, The 13 Bloodline Families, I don’t fucking care who they are, the fact is that the they exist and have infiltrated into every single aspect of society, making us humans their assets to do whatever they please with us, keeping us clueless, powerless in illusion and in a state of fear and confusion.

Dead Rhetoric: Given your vocal variety on the album, what are your thoughts on ‘female-fronted’ being used as a genre?

Markoch: The “female fronted” label is something I personally don’t understand. In duality, there’s always two sides/poles. Male/female, black/white, right/wrong, in/out. People don’t understand the importance of letting go of all labels, personal history, and identities. It doesn’t matter if a female or a male is in a band, besides their contribution to the music they make and the resonance of it with the listener. Being that said, I don’t really care what other people use to describe the music we do.


To read the complete interview, click on this LINK!

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